Rusty Rail Live Mission

Rusty Rail Live Mission

We believe that the power of music contains an undeniable magic. It can draw on your emotions, understand sorrow and deliver joy. Music gives us wings and mysteriously allows each individual to believe that a song belongs only to us in our own personal way.

The artists we invite to grace our stage pause here only for a brief moment on their journey. They carry with them the ability to conjure this magic as they fearlessly open up and share what is personal to them, filling the air with music.

So just as our walls would speak of those workers with determination in their hearts, our halls will echo with the musical magic that speaks to us. When we struggle for words, that magic fills our soul and brings us all together.

The ultimate mission of ​Rusty Rail Live​ is to bring a big city music experience to our hometown of Mifflinburg. 

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