Rusty Rail Live FAQ

Rusty Rail Live FAQ

Music and Dinner

What is the goal of Rusty Rail Live?
Our goal is to create one of the finest music listening and performing experiences in a friendly warm environment for music lovers and artists; an experience that is unexpected for a small rural town and second to none that you may find in any metropolitan area.

What type of music can I expect at the Rusty Rail?
We feature popular national touring artists, rising stars, and locally renowned acts each performing their own brand of Americana, Folk, Bluegrass, Alt Country, Country, Blues, Jazz, Soul, and Rock. The artists we feature come in different arrangements from single performer to full bands.

What type of shows and atmosphere can I expect?
Our environment and shows may vary from artist to artist. Many shows will provide both the artist and our guests an intimate and personal listening room experience. With a ticket for Dinner & Show you will be seated in our main listening area at a table with a direct view of the artist. Because we strive to create a respectful listening environment, for the quieter more intimate shows we ask that loud conversations be taken to our upstairs bar. Other shows, although close and partially seated may be higher energy, sonically larger, and lend themselves to a rowdier environment.

I enjoy great sounding music, will I experience that?
Absolutely, the Rusty Rail has gone through great lengths to provide our guests with a fantastic experience and those strides did not stop with the audio. With one of the finest systems for this type of environment, we provide a clear and warm high quality sound in our main listening area and throughout the rest of the building with complete overhead even coverage.

When and what time are shows?
Many of our shows are on Wednesdays and Fridays with times at 8 p.m and 9 p.m. respectfully. However, some times and nights may differ so always check our website for details and special events.

How can I find out who will be playing at the Rusty Rail?
Regularly check our website for upcoming shows and recent announcements, Facebook, and for current updates sign up for our Rusty Rail Live email list.

How can I purchase tickets?
Tickets are available for purchase through our website. Once purchased you will have an option to print out your ticket at home or have your name on our will-call list at the door.

How does the ticketing and seating work?
We offer two types of tickets, a ‘General Admission Ticket‘ and a ‘Dinner & Show’ Ticket. The type and amount available will vary from artist to artist.

  • A General Admission Ticket is for those who are interested in seeing the show but will not be joining us for dinner. As a general admission ticket seating is not guaranteed. However seats can usually be found near the bar area and are on a first come first serve basis. If the show is not sold out, seats and tables may be available closer to the stage.
  • A Dinner & Show Ticket is for those who would like to join us for dinner before the show and guarantees a seat at a table in our main listening area with a view of the stage. Some Dinner and Show Tickets may include seats at and near the bar area that are closest to the stage. With a Dinner and show ticket you will need to select an arrival time for your dinner reservation and commit to that arrival time. This ticket is at no extra charge, however, ordering from our Brew Pub menu is required.

Can I reserve a specific table or section? 
At this time we are unable to reserve a specific table or section. The closer tables are reserved for Dinner & Show Ticket holders. With Dinner & Show Tickets you will be assigned a table based on your arrival time. If there are options available when you arrive the hostess will ask your preference.

How much are tickets?
Our ticket prices will vary depending on the artist and show. The majority will range from $5-$15 while some bigger national acts can be a bit higher. We will also have free shows from time to time. We strive to keep the ticket prices as low as we can and our goal is to provide the best experience for our guests and artists.

Do I really need to purchase an advance ticket?
Absolutely. We highly recommend advance ticket purchases. We cannot guarantee that tickets or tables or space will be available the day of the show.

Can I just purchase a ticket at the door?
You can purchase your ticket at the door the day of the show, however, usually day of show price is a bit higher and we cannot guarantee availability. Also, usually a day of show purchase acts as a general admission ticket and does not guarantee seating for our BrewPub Menu.

I purchased a General Admission Ticket, what time should I arrive?
A half hour to an hour before show time works great, however you are welcome to arrive at any time and relax at the bar or hangout in our upper level game room with full service bar.

I purchased a General Admission ticket, will a menu be available to me?
Yes. At 9 p.m our special Hot Shot Menu is available for late night snacks.

I purchased a ticket and now I can’t make it, can i get a refund?
 All sales are final, however if you’d like to transfer your ticket to another person, please email [email protected] and we’ll be happy to transfer your ticket to the names provided.

What happens if a show is cancelled?
If the show will be rescheduled you can choose to keep your ticket or choose a refund. If the show will not be rescheduled you will receive a refund.

What happens if I can't make a show because of inclement weather?
Your ticket purchase will be applied to the Rusty Rail Live show of your choice. This excludes any show that is already sold out. 

Dinner and Drinks Only

I’m not interested in music, can I still come for dinner on a music night?
Of course. As with any other evening, it is best to call for reservations to check table availability and times.

I’m not interested in music, I made a dinner reservation on a music night will I be seated near the band?
On music nights, ticket holder’s table reservations are in our main listening area closest to the band. For non ticket holders, we seat in our Four Seasons Room, and overflow areas as we approach show time. If tables are unavailable in those areas you may be seated near the band. However, with most shows starting at 9p.m or 9:30, only our latest dinner guest may experience an overlap from dinner time to show time.

I made a dinner reservation on a music night, the show has started will I be charged for a ticket
Starting at showtime, our main level, with the exception of our Four Seasons Room and overflow area, is reserved for ticket holders who have purchased a ticket for the show. If you were seated in this area and decide to stay for music, out of respect for our ticket holders and our artist we will add the show price to your bill.

I’m not interested in music but I’d like to hang out at the Rusty Rail for drinks and late night menu, is this available to me?
 Absolutely ! Starting at show time, our main level, with the exception of our Four Seasons Room and overflow area, is reserved for ticket holders. However, our upstairs game room with big screen TVs, pool tables, full service bar and Hot Shot menu is available.

I’ve had dinner and have been hanging out at the Rusty Rail all evening, I don’t have a ticket, the show is about to start will I need to leave?
Absolutely not ! Starting at show time our main level, with the exception of our Four Seasons Room and overflow area, is reserved for ticket holders Out of respect for our ticket holders and our artists we ask that you purchase a ticket if available. If you prefer not to join us for the show our upstairs game room with big screen TVs, pool tables, full service bar and Hot Shot menu is available.

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