Our Mission

A taste of heritage

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a destination in Mifflinburg that the whole town can be proud of, and to pay tribute to the generations of hard-working families that have built our community. Mifflinburg was not built around a college, tourism, a hospital or any other unique attraction; it was hugely affected by the railroad and built by hard-working men and women through industry and agriculture. 

Our team of passionate craft beer enthusiasts firmly believes in making great beer that is fun and approachable. We know that putting a smile on your face is just as important as putting a beer in your hand, and our ultimate goal is to become a major regional craft brewery in the Northeast and the next big, recognizable name amongst Pennsylvania breweries.

In our brewpub, we strive to create a world class dining experience that celebrates Mifflinburg’s past while providing excellent craft beer, bold food, live music and customer service in a one-of-a-kind dining atmosphere. 

We know that if our building could talk it would speak of rugged workers who got by on the determination in their hearts, the strength of their backs and the dirt on their hands. We proudly dedicate every ounce of our beer to those whose efforts have forged the American work ethic. So grab a cold one and pay tribute to the past by making the most of the present!

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