Why Stop the Celebration?

Why Stop the Celebration?

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Just because your wedding day has come and gone doesn’t mean the celebration must end! Something to think about when planning your wedding weekend is the day after. For some, this is a great time to see family and friends one last time before you leave for your honeymoon or they return home if they traveled for your Big Day. What better way to get everyone together than for a Brunch! I say “brunch” because we all know you won’t want to get up early!! There are many different options that are available if this is something you may want to plan. You could have parents or families host it at their home and make all the food. If this is what you decide to do; it may also be a great time to open any gifts you may have received. You may like the idea of having it at a family’s home but not want the work & cleanup. This would be a great time to think about having a caterer come into your home and serve the meal! Another option would be to make a reservation at a local restaurant or check with your wedding venue and see if they have a Brunch option available. Whichever option you decide will be perfect for you and your group. In the end it is just about having the time spent together and the memories of your Wedding Weekend!

So… tell us what your plans are for the day after your Big Day!!

~RR Wedding Team

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