Wedding Vision: Choosing the Perfect Venue

When picking the perfect venue, consider these tips before saying yes!

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We are so excited to start this new blog series! Called “Wedding Vision”, our new series will break down all the important aspects of your wedding to help you create your own unique wedding vision, and watch it come to life! Each topic will have unbiased advice to suit every couple no matter the vision.

Many things are optional when it comes to weddings, and many things can be customized to create your dream wedding - but there’s one thing you can’t skip: the venue.

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Setting a budget may possibly be the least exciting thing when it comes to wedding planning, but it’s so so SO important! Set a budget before venue “shopping” and stick to your allowed costs. This is easier said than done, but if a venue is immediately out of your price range, skip it! 

But you really want a specific venue? Even if you gasped looking at the photos and maybe already even contacted the owners for a tour (totally not speaking from my own experience here!!!), consider how much of your budget this venue will take and weigh your options. 

If choosing your dream venue even if it’s costly is high on your priority list, remember you’ll have to cut back in other areas of your budget. Get estimates of all other possible costs and compare them to see if this venue is within your price range before tempting yourself with the idea! Remember to always factor in extra money to your total budget for hidden costs as well.

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Location/ Accommodations

Location may not seem like a huge deal, but it is something to seriously consider. Choose a venue close to your guests, or if you have guests traveling try to find a center point that will be easiest for everyone! The better the location, the better the chance you have of your guests being able to attend. 

Do consider finding a venue with local accommodations such as restaurants, hotels, or other activities for your guests. Also, keep in mind where your venue is and if it’s accessible for all your guests to get to. Keeping your guests needs and safety in mind is a must and will always be greatly appreciated!


If you have a certain date in mind or a time of year, be sure to check with your possible venues first to see if they have your date/time of year available. Many venues book a year plus out, so be sure to get your foot in the door as soon as possible.


Make a rough guest list/count for your wedding and be sure to keep these numbers in mind when looking for the right venue. If you’re having a large guest count, be sure to make sure you’re booking a bigger venue. If you’re thinking of having a smaller guest count or possibly even a micro wedding, consider a smaller venue. If you choose a big venue with a small guest count your space could risk the possibility of feeling empty, and on the flip side you don’t want to feel like you’re a can of sardines in a small venue with a large guest count!

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Your Theme

Moving on to the fun stuff… does this venue match what theme you had in mind for your wedding? If not, do you have any vision of getting married there and transforming the space to suit you? One of the most exciting things when it comes to weddings (besides getting married) is transforming your venue space to your dream. This could include adding draping or lighting to your venue, renting a gorgeous lounge set, playing with your layout and centerpieces and all the other little details that makes your big day personal to you! 

Indoor vs. Outdoor

Outdoor venues are becoming more and more popular and for a good reason but consider these few topics first!


If you’re choosing an outdoor venue, does it have restrooms available and are they accessible to all your guests? Be sure to talk to each venue to consider all options!


Many outdoor venues have a curfew to respect surrounding neighbors (if there are any). Some venues have to keep their noise to a minimum too if they have homes around, so keep all of this in mind! Each venue is different, just be sure you understand all aspects of the timeline.


Is this venue easy to get to? If it’s indoors or outdoors, is it easy for handicap and older guests to make their way around? Are there accommodations for guests such as seating, restrooms, if indoors air conditioning/heat, parking, etc. 


If you decide to have an outdoor wedding, be sure to talk about policies when it comes to increment weather. Is there a tent available? How is bad weather handled? These are both good questions to ask when squaring away which venue you’d like to choose!

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Venue Extras

Do consider each venue and what they have to offer besides just the space. Is set-up and tear down included, do you have to rent chairs and tables or are they provided, is there access to décor free of charge, is there a wedding planner included, etc. All of these things are an added bonus when booking a venue, and if they’re not included in your venue cost be prepared for the extra expenses!

Read Reviews/ Meet the Team

Most importantly, knowing who you’re working with and having a relationship with the team can be the cherry on top for choosing the perfect venue. Read through reviews from previous couples and their weddings; you can usually make a pretty good assumption of the venue based off of what people who have actually been there have thought! Don’t hesitate to reach out to the team to get a tour and meet everyone you’ll be working with throughout your planning process, this will make you so much more comfortable knowing you can trust the people that are pulling everything together for your big day.

In Conclusion…

While there’s a lot to weigh in choosing the perfect venue, it doesn’t have to be difficult! Be sure to keep an open mind, consider all your options and don’t let your Pinterest board control what you think you need to have (pro tip: Pinterest is great for inspiration, but a lot of the photos you’re seeing are staged and not realistic for the typical wedding!). 

Sit back and enjoy this part of your planning process. It’s such an exciting step and you don’t want to miss it!

Stay tuned next week for the next blog of our series! We’re so excited to share it with you!! Happy wedding planning!

~RR Wedding Team

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