Wedding Budget

You are planning your wedding and there is a budget. Keep in mind this does not limit the possibilities for making your wedding perfect!!

There are many tools online to assist couples to keep them on the right track with their wedding budget. The best place to start is with a notebook and a pen. Make a list of all the items you need and want at your wedding. Start with the large categories and break each one down; Ceremony, Reception, Attire, Rings, Vendors, Hotel, Stationary, and Gifts. Something else to keep in mind while working with a budget is guest count. Food and alcohol can add up quickly so determine the size of your guest count to keep your budget in check. Allow yourself some wiggle room with the budget as well for unexpected costs.

Planning your wedding is the most special time, don’t let a budget get you down. Work together you can make your dream wedding a reality!!

~RR Wedding Team

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