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In the midst of all the craziness of planning for your big day and the day of, the last thing you want to do is forget about something important! So, how do you make your day as memorable as can be (but in a good way)?

Make a checklist and pack all of the things you’ll need for the day of in advance. This can include an emergency kit of all the things you hope to not need, but have on hand just in case!

You and your spouse should both break in and get used to your shoes! This is something that’s commonly overlooked, but wearing your shoes before your wedding day can turn out to be a lifesaver, and you just might thank yourself by the end of the night. 

Be sure to eat. Whether you decide to order food or bring snacks for throughout the day, make sure to eat something! You have a long day ahead of you.

Keep your groomsmen in line! Be sure they all know their role, have all of their things and are ready to go before the ceremony. 

Most importantly, take some time to reflect; this is your wedding day. This day is the start of a lifetime for you and your spouse, don’t be so caught up in the stress of the day or the little things that don’t go as planned. Whether this is taking some time alone or some time with your groomsmen before the ceremony, or taking a second alone with your spouse during the reception, do whatever you feel is best!

 ~RR Wedding Team

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