Things You Don't "Need" at Your Wedding

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Wedding planning is such an exciting process! Every step of the way brings a new level of excitement and is unique in its own way. However, this thought is bound to cross your mind at least once throughout your planning: “Do I really need this at my wedding?” While this choice is completely up to you, here are a few things you don’t necessarily “need” at your wedding!

The Bouquet/Garter Toss

While this was a well-known tradition, it seems to be turning into a thing of the past. Not only can it be uncomfortable for your single guests, it can also be uncomfortable for you! Especially if you don’t have many single friends, this may bring unnecessary attention to them they don’t want. Injuries are also the last thing you want to happen at your wedding, so skipping this idea altogether can save you and your guests. Besides, it’s borderline awkward for everyone watching!! If you do decide to still do this however, consider grabbing one of your bridesmaids bouquets and save your own!

Wedding Programs

In many weddings, couples provide wedding programs at the start of the ceremony. This gives guests a timeline and the order of events for your wedding! However, this isn’t always necessary. In many cases more than enough programs are left over and end up getting tossed after your wedding anyway. Aside from close friends and family hanging onto your programs as a keepsake, many won’t be used! Instead of completely getting rid of this idea, another option would be to display your program in a different way. Display your timeline in a big decorative frame right outside of your ceremony space so all guests can see the order of events. Your wallet will thank you!

Cake Cutting Utensils

While getting special utensils for cake cutting has been a tradition, it’s not something that you need! Majority of the time these are only used once (on your wedding day) and stored right after. Unless this is a gift from friends or family, don’t worry about spending the money on it! There are so many ways to create keepsakes from your wedding that are useful and won’t collect dust. Talk to your wedding planner or bakery about supplying utensils for your cake cutting before buying a set of your own.

Menu Cards

When choosing your menu for your wedding here at the Rail, it’s typical to choose two-three different meal options. This would give your guests the choice of what meal they’d prefer. Meal Cards look pretty on each plate; however, they don’t hold much value. Your guests will have already sent in their meal preferences prior to your wedding and will already know that they’re receiving. Meal cards can serve as a reminder of what is being served, but really aren’t necessary especially when serving more than one meal. 

A Weekend Wedding

Yes, when thinking weddings typically the mind goes to weekends. However, this doesn't always have to apply! Most of your guests will most likely have to take a day off work, but those who want to be there will be. Here at the Rail weekday weddings include a discount; bonus!! You may also have more of a chance getting the date/month you’d actually like your wedding to be on/in instead of just what’s available.

A Singles Table

This may sound like a good idea, but this will only end up feeling awkward for all of your single guests. Seat them like you would any other guest and put them with people who will make them feel welcome/who they know/who they’d get along with.

This is your wedding, and you can do whatever your heart desires! These are all just suggestions; choose what you’d like to make your wedding day as special as can be!

~RR Wedding Team

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