The Ultimate Guide to Reception Seating

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Creating your name cards and/or a seating chart sign is a fun way to tell all of your guests where their seat is while incorporating your theme to make this unique to you!

Why have name cards, or even a seating chart at all? 

Making a seating chart for your big day avoids any conflict that could come up the day of. This ensures every guest knows someone at their table and is comfortable, as well as guaranteeing no guests get split up!

Name cards create a formal way to direct all your guests to their seat, but also have a special purpose for our servers. This is the way our servers know what meal to give to your guests! When creating your name cards, add a sticker, a border around one name card but not another, or use different colors to act as a “key” so each guest’s meal is known.

So, what’s the difference between name cards and a seating chart? 

While there are many different names and directions to go, it may not seem as difficult as you think! Here’s a description of each option, although, there is no right or wrong answer.

Place Cards

Place cards are name cards that are set at each guest’s place setting. They are pre-placed on the table for your guests to find their seat, and are usually used along side of a seating chart.

Escort Cards

Some couples decide to have their name cards displayed on a table or board for their guests to grab after the ceremony; these are called escort cards. Escort cards include the guest’s name and table number. Guests’ find their name and bring their card with them to their seat.

Seating Charts

A seating chart is a list of your guest names for them to find their seat. This normally isn’t necessary unless you decide to use place cards, in which case it prevents guests from wondering around trying to find their seat! If this is a route you’d like to go, we suggest organizing your guest’s names in alphabetical order instead of by table number to make it easier for your guests to find their name. 

Creating Unique Name Cards and Seating Charts 

While having simple name cards can be elegant, there are so many options when it comes to telling your guests where their seats are! Get creative with this! Use the internet to your advantage; Pinterest may easily become a life saver! Here’s something to consider - you can double your name card as a favor! Using a tile, printing a name on a bag, napkin or luggage tag, wood burning or even just attaching a tag to your favor can knock out two different things at once.

Just like name cards, seating charts have a variety of options as well! Many couples are using mirrors, glass/acrylic and wood to create their charts. There are endless ideas and countless ways to incorporate your theme into your name cards/seating chart to make it unique to you and your spouse. These small touches add so much to your wedding day in an easy way! 

No matter which direction you decide to go in regards to your name cards/ seating chart, there’s no wrong answer. Have fun with this special spot in your planning process! 

~RR Wedding Team

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