Symbol of a Wedding Ring

Symbol of a Wedding Ring

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“With this ring….”
When you hear this saying, I hope you are at a wedding; sitting teary eyed and smiling while watching a couple that means so much to you, promises everything to one another. 
Have you ever thought to yourself why? Why are they exchanging rings and why are they making these promises while placing the rings on their fingers? These are great questions and while most people just associate a ring with marriage do most know the why?
A ring is a circle with no beginning and no end. It is a symbol of infinity and is considered the most intimate piece of jewelry that one could wear. Rings are exchanged during a ceremony to symbolize the endless love a couple has for each other; a bond of marriage. Fun fact – while a ring symbolizes endless love and love is commonly associated with the heart, did you know that your fourth finger which is known as your ring finger is the only finger to have a vein that goes directly to your heart! If that isn’t true love…..
So next time you are drying your eyes at a wedding think of endless love and the vein to your heart!
~RR Wedding Team

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