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Photo captured by Amanda Nichols

A lot of couples think that a first look is something shared between the couple. This however is not the case at all! You can share a first look with your father or both parents. That first look is a special moment when the bride is completely ready. Not one thing needs changed from her head to her toes. Well what about a first look with your bridesmaids? I am sure some if not all of your bride tribe was with you when you said “yes to the dress!” however, that was how many months ago and you certainly did not look like you do on your wedding day. Make this moment special for them as well. This photo captured by Amanda Nichols is priceless. The bridesmaids lined up not knowing what their friend looks like before her special day until she rounds the corner.
So tell us, who are you sharing your first look with?
~RR Wedding Team

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