Smile with Confidence

Smile with Confidence

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There are many details when planning a wedding that are discussed; there is one detail however that is not discussed a lot. What are you wearing under your dress the day of your wedding? This isn’t a conversation that needs to be had with everyone, just those who are helping you to get ready the day of. Maybe the person at your bridal shops assisting you in finding the perfect dress as well as your seamstress. And we are not talking about what you will wear after your celebration; we are talking about those body shapers, or slips that are for under your dress.

With the many styles of dresses that are available to brides, one truly has to wonder what can or should be worn to make the dress look its best as well as fit the best. Some dresses are backless, others have a plunging neckline or even sheer fabric. There are options available for all styles that can make you feel even more confident showing off your wedding gown for the first time.
So on your wedding day, be sure to slip into something comfortable!
~ RR Wedding Team

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