Set the Stage!

Set the Stage!

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    Choosing colors for your wedding will help set the mood you want for your special day. Vibrant, bright colors evoke a sense of drama. Whereas, softer tones set the stage for a more romantic vibe. The time of year in which your wedding falls may help you pick your colors too! Darker colors can be used during winter and fall and when it comes to summer and spring softer shades are more popular.  Here are a couple questions to ask yourself while narrowing down your top picks; Are you outside or inside? Consider your surroundings and the natural colors that will be blending with your picks throughout the ceremony and reception. Will the venue itself go with the color scheme you chose? Will the colors be flattering on your bridesmaids as dresses? Asking yourself these questions will surely help you find the perfect color palette. Remember, tradition or not, you’re the one that has the last say on the mood of your wedding. Now it’s time, how will you set the stage? 
~RR Wedding Team

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