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The last thing that you would want to happen the day of your wedding is to have a guest show up that you were not expecting! To solve this, you want to make sure that you have a designated person that is going to receive all the RSVP’s from your guests.
When creating your invitations you want to think about how your RSVP’s will be collected. Are your guests going to call a number and let you know or send a card back? If an RSVP card is going to be mailed back you want to make sure that you include the envelope as well as a stamp for you guests to send it back!
Another option to receive RSVP’s for your wedding is by having your guests visit your Wedding Website. You can keep track of all your guests, who is attending as well as their meal selections in one place. A nice addition to having a Wedding Website is that you can provide your guests with much more information than can fit in a paper invitation. When sending your invites out just note to all guests to visit your Website
~RR Wedding Team

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