Read all about IT!!!

Read all about IT!!!

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Picture this…… You’re sitting at a friend’s wedding waiting for the ceremony to begin. The music begins and nothing happens. You look around and see other guests wondering the same thing you are. Don’t you wish you had something, anything; to tell you what was about to happen?
What you are looking for in this situation is a wedding program. This is a small piece of paper that informs you of the order of events for your ceremony. If you had a program during the scenario described in the beginning you would have known what was about to happen, instead of being left unknown.
Programs are also a great tool for your wedding guests to get to know your wedding party as well as the order of events. List who your bridesmaids are as well as the groomsmen, and tell everyone how you know them! What about your officiant don’t forget to acknowledge them as well. They are the ones making the marriage legal after all! Oh, and you can’t forget the parents!! Once you have everyone listed you want to mention, you will want to list the order of events for the ceremony. Start with the prelude, seating of the family, entrance of the groom, bridal processional, welcome, readings, exchange of rings, exchange of vows, unity, presentation and end with the recessional. At the bottom of the program is the perfect place for a thank you or even directions on what to do next!!
~RR Wedding Team

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