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Picking out your dream wedding shoes is such an exciting experience, but how do you know how to pick out the best pair? Before saying yes to the shoe, consider this!

Buying your wedding shoes can be something that is easily pushed off to the last minute, but try to avoid this at all costs! Of course you want to base your style of shoe on you dress, so picking out your dress first is always a smart choice. However, don’t wait too long to pick out your shoes as well! You’ll need them for your dress fittings and alterations, but you also want to allow yourself time to break them in first; you’ll thank yourself later.

Comfort is key! Picking out a pair of shoes for your wedding day that are stylish, but also comfortable is a must! Whether you’re a 6-inch stiletto kind of girl or a sneaker kind of girl, buy a pair of shoes that makes you feel the most comfortable. 

Think about post-wedding. Here’s something to think about: do you want to be able to wear your shoes after your wedding day, or would you like to buy shoes strictly for your big day? There’s no wrong answer here, and is totally up to personal preference!

Bring an extra pair of shoes just in case! Having a spare pair can be a life saver if your feet are just starting to hurt, an accident happens, or you want to dance the night away in something a little more comfortable! 

At the end of the day, whatever shoe you decide is completely up to you. Pick whatever shoe makes you feel the most confident and fabulous!  

~RR Wedding Team

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