Love is Sweet

Love is Sweet

Blog 7/5/18

Photo captured by Antiquity Photography

Can you imagine a meal without dessert? We can’t either!! 

The dessert tables at weddings are sometime the most extravagant display for sweet treats! While wedding cakes are still popular, this is not the only option available for guests to enjoy. Couples have begun to personalize their dessert tables with their favorite go to items when they want something sweet. Dessert assortments don’t stop at cupcakes; we have seen pies, cookies, macaroons, pastries, sticky buns, donuts, chocolate covered strawberries and more. Cookies tables may be a Pittsburg tradition at weddings, however we are seeing this more and more. Families come together to bake dozens of cookies that are family favorites to share with everyone to eat and take along! When planning your dessert table what are your sweet treat selections? Tell us!!

~RR Wedding Team

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