Living in the Moment

Living in the Moment

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How easy is it to get so caught up in the little things that the big picture is easily lost? Your wedding day symbolizes the joining of two into one, and is a moment that will stay with the both of you forever. Saying that the time before your wedding is stressful can easily become an understatement, and the purpose behind this special journey can be lost. Don’t sweat the small stuff; as challenging as it may be. Worrying about the little things only draws your attention away from the beauty of your day. If you find yourself being pulled backwards, take a moment to stop and reflect. Enjoy this process, and when the day comes, don’t forget to take it all in. Look around at all the loved ones surrounding you and supporting you. Remember all the time, energy and love that was spent into making this day special for you. Take a moment to look at your spouse and remember why this was all worth it anyway. No one will know your favors didn’t turn out just like you wanted them to! It’s all about the big picture. Don’t forget to soak it all in and live in the moment.

~RR Wedding Team

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