An Easy But Difficult Decison

An Easy But Difficult Decison

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The second you say “yes” the decision making begins. Picking your bridal party is one of the first "to dos" on your list as a bride to be. This process should be fun and enjoyable for everyone involved. Take your time when picking people to be part of your special day. Be sure that both you and your soon to be spouse are on the same page. Family members will traditionally be your first picks, but otherwise go with your oldest and most loyal friends. The size of your bridal party often is proportional to your wedding size, but it’s your wedding so you get the final say. Narrow down the choices by asking yourself a couple questions:  Who is organized? Who will be there to help with planning your pre wedding festivities? Who will step up on the big day and make sure the details are all ironed out? And ultimately who will make you the happiest? Be sure all participants know up front what you are expecting of them and give them enough time to make plans. In the end, when making your final decisions remember it is up ultimately up to the couple. So now it’s time for the fun part. How are you going to invite your bridal party to be part of your special day? 

~RR Wedding Team

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