A Modern Twist on the Traditional Guest Book

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We all know the struggle - you want a guest book that’s going to stand out and can be utilized in your home (and not just collect dust in the back of a closet)! On a positive note, guest books don’t always have to be just that, books. The options for unique guest book ideas are endless! Here’s a few of our favorite ideas for a modern twist on the traditional guest book.

Make a Quilt

Want to be able to use your guest’s kind words in more than just a heartwarming way? Ask your guests to write their note on a piece of fabric! Put your sewing skills to the test, or ask a family member or friend, to sew together a quilt out of each fabric square! This is a creative and colorful way to always be able to put your “guest book” to use!

Sign a Canvas/Picture

This may be on the simpler side but will always be timeless. Singing a canvas, a portrait, picture or even slab of wood will always make for a great way to display your guest book in your home!

For the Travel Enthusiasts

If you and your spouse are big on traveling and going on adventures, use this to your advantage! Use a globe as your guestbook, or have your guests sign a map. These ideas are unique to you and are completely customizable!

Snap a Picture

Polaroid guest books are becoming more and more popular, and there’s a good reason why! This is such a great way to capture your big day! Have your guests snap a picture, shake it out, and then post it in a book or hang it on a frame. Utilize the white space to write a note, or if you’re using a book, write it in the empty space off to the side!

Keep it on Record

Want something music related but you’re not exactly sure how to go about it? Head to your local thrift store, music store, or look through your own collection for vinyl! You may think these are outdated, but they’re actually coming back in full swing! On a side note, consider having a separate vinyl made of a few songs from your wedding playlist so you can keep it forever.

Advice Cards

Instead of having your guests write a note, have them write down a few words of wisdom instead! These aren’t only great for reading, they’re something that can be applied to your own marriage if it works for you! 

Table Number Letters

You may be asking, what are table number letters? Depending on how many guests are at your wedding you could do these two ways: have each guest or family/couple write a letter, or have each table write a letter! These letters will be numbered from one all the way to the end of your guest count/table numbers and will be opened on each milestone of your marriage. For example, table one would write a letter, and on your first anniversary with your spouse you’d open that letter and so on! This is such a creative way to always look back on your big day and who all was a part of it.

Video Guest Book

A video guest book is something we don’t see often but is such a cool idea! Have a camera set up somewhere in your venue space and ask your guests to record themselves saying something for you and your spouse! These turn out to be the cutest videos and are something you can hold onto for years to come.

~RR Wedding Team

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